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Survey Results and Testimonies

It is very encouraging to receive responses from clients telling us how OVIDIO Medical grade footwear and orthoses have helped them.  After our clients have worn footwear and/or orthoses for about six months we send clients a questionnaire with two questions:

  1. What discomfort were you experiencing when you first came to the clinic?

  2. What improvements have you experienced by wearing our footwear and/or orthoses?

For many years client response have been very positive, revealing that:

  • 95%    written testimonies are positive and happy

  • 3%      were not happy

  • 2%      have returned and after minor adjustments to the footwear, were then pleased with treatment.

Interestingly in most surveys the client giving a positive response will take up to six months before replying whereas negative replies are returned within a few days.

It is disappointing that not all survey forms are returned.

Read what our clients have to say about Ovidio Medical Grade Footwear & Othoses


Maureen's discomfort:
Soreness in ball of foot and big toe of both feet.
No more pain and can be on my feet much longer than before.

Ray's discomfort:
Fatigue in feet. ankles and lower leg muscles.
With orthoses all fatigue has disappeared, I can now work all day without any fatigue or discomfort in the feet.

Thomas's discomfort:
Severe back and hip pain.
Great relief from severe hip and back pain when hips were brought to an equal level, but I think they should-be checked every so often to see if they are still level.

Rekishia's discomfort:
Sore knees and always roll my ankle, ankles also weak.
More comfort. no sore knees. no rolling of my ankles, more support and stronger ankles.

Douglas' discomfort:
Recovering from a compound fracture of the ankle. I required surgical boots and a calliper
I received immediate relief from continual pain and my walking improved every month.
Four years after obtaining my boots and calliper I made it to the top of a '3100m mountain pass in Canada.

Patrick's discomfort:
I had a very bad lower back pain. I am a self-employed landscaper and my back was so bad I couldn't work at times. I have had back pain for ten years and it was getting worse each year.
I have been wearing supports in my boots for the past eighteen months my back has never been so good. Within two days of wearing my boots my back felt better. Eighteen months later my back is perfect. I feel no pain at all. Before this I had constant back pain.

Keuizenga's discomfort:
Aching feet and back trouble.
The comfortable shoes you made for me are a great improvement because the aches and other pains are gone.

John's discomfort:
Unable to balance or walk satisfactorily.
Enabled me to walk again after a foot injury.  It was only Mr Ovidio D'Alessandro's expert knowledge that has enabled me to walk during the past ten years of my life.

Ena's discomfort:
Unable to wear any shoes purchased from retail establishments. Circulation problems caused an operation on toes. Also a hip problem.
Comfort with one shoe slightly built up and shoes styled to give freedom with no pressure on toes.

Murfet's discomfort:
Swollen feet and ankles. problems in the feet and crooked toes.
Ankles are not swelling as much and boots fit my feet much better.

Orthoses fitted to footwear top

Chris's discomfort:
Tired, lower back pain and patellar birsitis.
Feet are more relaxed and more comfortable for longer periods of time.  Also a more correct, comfortable posture. Much improvement by reduced swelling of the limbs.

Herbert's discomfort:
Pain in feet when walking.
Relief from pain the first day. Better every day. Need to wear them all the time.


Jones' discomfort:
Back pain, aching legs and feet, Sciatic nerve problems on the left leg.
Considerable relief in all areas


Joan's discomfort:
I had to get my right shoe bigger than the other so ordinary shoes lasted for three months only.
They have been extremely comfortable. These shoes have been fantastic for eighteen months or more.

Medical-grade custom-made footwear (orthopaedic) top

Mrs Hannaford's discomfort:
Aching calf muscle and sore feet when standing a long time.
No problems any longer. 

John's discomfort:
Pains in the left knee, also walking with a limp.
On examination it was found that my body had a shortness on one side, but there was no shortness in the legs. So Ovidio made foot wear that was built up by 3/8 inch, which put the weight squarely on my legs, instead of one leg taking more strain side ways. This made a terrific difference as I could walk more comfortably without a lot of the pain I had before.

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