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Ovidio Custom Made Footwear - Shoes and Sandals
All footware come with built in Orthotics.

Sling Back Sandal Full/Back Sandal Scuffs or in sling backs
Slip on Shoe Velcro Clogs Slip on Clogs
Court Shoe Slip On Shoe 3 Piece Lace Shoe
'Vienna' Lace Shoe 'Vienna' Lace Shoe 'Milan' Lace Shoe
Jogger Style Long Lace Shoe Lace Shoe C.F.X Heel Jogger Long Lace Shoe
Velcro Elastic House Comfort Spider
Strap Scuff Trento Jogger Lace Open Toe Shoe
House Comfort with
Lambs Wool insoles
  Plastic Hoop Lace
Phone: 03 6331 2270     info@internationalfootandshoe.com.au